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Dentist is holding a retainer in her hand

How to clean a retainer – find it out step by step with our help

People who ever had braces in 100% knows about retainers. For those who don’t know retainers are there to keep teeth straight when braces are taken off. It is very important to keep those retainers clean because orthodontists says that it would be the best to wear retainers as long as possible to keep teeth from moving back.

Girl durning her skin care

Everything you need to know about skincare routine with tretinoin

Skincare routine with tretinoin is helpful when it comes to providing clear skin. Tretinoin creams helps to unclog pores and also turn over the skin. Let’s talk more about tretinoin skincare routine with tretinoin.

Woman on a laser treatment

Laser Vs. Microneedling treatments – find out which one is right for you

Laser skin resurfacing as well as microneedling are two treatments which helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and also promotes skin rejuvenation. However they differ when it comes the procedure and not all skin types can go through it. Keep reading the article and find out more about microneedling and laser skin resurfacing.

Man durning his acupuncture face treatment

Cosmetic acupuncture – facial acupuncture before and after

Are you wondering how cosmetic acupuncture works? Or what it is? Well you will be able to find it out here, all you gotta do is just to read the article.

Girl is chewing gum sitting on the street

Does gum make you bloated? Find out with us if chewing gum can make you bloated

We know it might be surprising but chewing gum can make your feel bloated. Why is this happening? Well to find it out you should keep reading the article.

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