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Pink peonies are are lying next to the coffee cup

What are different types of peonies – find out more about those plants with us

8 April 2022

Let's at the begining talk a little about what the...

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Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF): What is it and how does it work?

Growth factors are a group of proteins that play key roles in regulating cell growth and development. They are essential for the proper functioning of the body, influencing such biological processes as cell division, migration, and specialization. Today’s article focuses on one of them – the epidermal growth factor (EGF).

A team of focused medical professionals in a sterile operating room, with the lead surgeon making an incision while an assistant holds surgical instruments; monitors displaying vital signs are visible in the background

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Make Men Happy?

Does penis enlargement surgery make men happy? One of the surgeries that has become a trend for men in recent years is penis enlargement surgery. It is described as a procedure to increase penis size and enhance sexual performance. The number of people undergoing this surgery is increasing day by day and it is gaining prominence in Google searches.

More Than Just Supplements

Reflex Nutrition: More Than Just Supplements

In the vast world of sports nutrition, certain brands leave a mark that’s hard to erase. Reflex Nutrition, with its wide array of products, is certainly one of them.
Man is asleep in his bed

Why do people die in their sleep – find out reasons of deaths in sleep

Did you know that sleep was a twin brother of death in Greek mythology? Well if no now you do. Are you wondering why do people die in their sleep? Is there any kind of connection? Let’s find out some more about dying in sleep.

Woman is checking her ability to smell

Loss of smell and taste – can allergies cause loss of smell and taste

Are you dealing with loss of smell and taste? Are you wondering if allergies can cause such a thing? Well you will be able to find all of the answers that you are looking for here, just keep reading the article. Read and enjoy the knowlage!

Woman with red ear syndrome

Burning ears – find out what is the ear burning meaning

Have you ever heard people saying that they have a feeling of smoke coming out of their ears? Well some people for real are experiencing literal hot ears – those are indeed warm in touch.

When ears become hot they turn red and they may also cause you burning ears feeling. In fact many things can cause hot ears. Keep reading to find out what they are and know more of burning ears.

Man in pain caused by constipation

Heating pad for constipation – does heating pad help with constipation?

Heating pads are very common when it comes to helping in back pain as well as period cramps, but are they helpful when it comes to constipation relief? To find out more about it you shall read the article.

Dentist is holding a retainer in her hand

How to clean a retainer – find it out step by step with our help

People who ever had braces in 100% knows about retainers. For those who don’t know retainers are there to keep teeth straight when braces are taken off. It is very important to keep those retainers clean because orthodontists says that it would be the best to wear retainers as long as possible to keep teeth from moving back.

Girl durning her skin care

Everything you need to know about skincare routine with tretinoin

Skincare routine with tretinoin is helpful when it comes to providing clear skin. Tretinoin creams helps to unclog pores and also turn over the skin. Let’s talk more about tretinoin skincare routine with tretinoin.

Woman on a laser treatment

Laser Vs. Microneedling treatments – find out which one is right for you

Laser skin resurfacing as well as microneedling are two treatments which helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and also promotes skin rejuvenation. However they differ when it comes the procedure and not all skin types can go through it. Keep reading the article and find out more about microneedling and laser skin resurfacing.

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